Find the correct way for your company on the way to the International Trading
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Easy to find a product in the market,for example like LED ceiling lights,search in Google,you will find from the first page to the fifth page,all of them are LED ceiling lights products from difference B2B like Alibaba,Global Sources,Made in China and so on.
Lots of the factories complain the price have been come to the end,but the clients still ask for more cheaper price.If you did not accept the price,not a day,only one minute the clients can find a new supplier,that is truth.
We should think about this case,why did your clients have so many supplier,why did your products can not sell in high price.some of you will say we will operate a new model,but did you calculate the cost?also another situation in China now,new model come today,tomorrow you will find a copy.your design idea become cheap,is't it?
The better way we should to do is choose some nice models,and adjust or improve the model become more convenient,easy for the customer to the application.we do not have so much financial to change the industry,but for the moment models we should have some ideas,make some small order in high profit,or create some models have competitive and characteristic.
We have a case that was happened in last year,a client from UK wanted make a order for 3000pcs of 9026-LR LED bulkhead,first we should offer sample,we send it and the client give the suggestion is should to adjust the weatherstrip because the application environment so terrible.after improved the IP Rating to 54,passed the client's request,but another question come again,they found the install space is narrow,and hard for the workers to assembly,for this time we cost 10,000 RMB to adjust the model.the total time costed for the sample testing more than 2 month,and adjust the sample more than 5 times,now the 9026-LR have regular orders each 2 month,during this period of time,some of the suppliers send the price list with low price,when they heard should adjust the model and the material should be PC,all of them changed the price.
When you do not have ability to overturn your industry,be bright and pay attention on the small details,and made youself become for the international trading,clients care for the price,quality but the most they care is service.
Hope all of you will find the correct way on the way to the international trading all of the world.
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