The theory of adjust color temperature for LED ceiling lights fitting
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We found lots of LED ceiling lights fitting in the market have the function of DIM,in the interior structure there are two CCT changeable versions,one is switch to 3000K,another is switch to 7000K,each of them is independent.we could adjust the whole lamps CCT and luminance via different versions.

For example,route A is warm light and the CCT is 3000K,but the luminance only 10% of the whole lamp,and route B is cool light,but the luminance is 40% of the whole lamp,so mixed CCT become 5000K,not too warm but also not so we say DIM from adjust the luminance and CCT.

In the market,two types of DIM LED ceiling lights available,one is fixed luminance and three shelves CCT,this is the cheaper one.another is stepless adjustment,luminance and CCT could independent adjust,more than 100 effects for choose,control via telecontroller,this one little expensive.

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