Instruction of IP grade for LED ceiling light
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When we talk about the LED ceiling light,always hear about the IP,what the meaning of IP in ceiling light?

IP,is the simplified form of International Protection,this standard draft by IEC(International Electro-Technical Commission),the idea is classify the appliance's grade by character of dustproof and waterproof.

IP grade make up by two number,the first number show the appliance dustproof,to prevent foreign matter invaded,the second number show the appliance waterproof and dampproof obturation.the larger number means the higher grade protection,here the foreign matter means tool,finger and so on,for example IP65,IP is the letter marker,No.6 is the first number marker,No.5 is the second number marker,0 means none.

Here is a picture to showing the details of the IP,easy for you to understand.


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