For the different room space how should we select the suitable LED ceiling lights
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During the decoration for the new house,we would like select the LED ceiling light fixture for the main light source,when meet the different space room,how should we select different watt LED ceiling lights?here are some examples.

For the living room,usually 1 Watt for 1 Square meter,like a 25 spuare meters living room we'd better select the 25 Watt ceiling light.For the bedroom,we could reduce 20% off like 25 SM we should select 20 Watt.

Similar for the kitchen plus 10% more,reading room plus 100% more but for washroom reduce 10% off will be fine.

In theory we follow this way,but we also should consider the diffuser effect,for the large space we should choose second light source,at the same time the main light source can reduce some to keep the balance for the ray of light.  

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