How to choose a high quality LED ceiling light
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LED is growing too fast!It cased the products in the market is uneven,LED product usually consists of three parts:LED drive power supply,radiator,chip.For the LED ceiling light,we should talk about more for the cover,base and aluminum substrate.


The face for the Ceiling light,we can distinguish the material by eye,usually the factory will use glass,PVC,acrylic(PMMA),in Risestar we only choose PC for the cover,because for the PC's excellent character


Usually the base use the material like plastic,aslo have iron,steel,of coure choose the steel commonly consider the heat radiation,but it is not safe for the class I light fixture,beacuse the iron or steel maybe will leakage of electricity,class II light fixture will be more safety.material PC also is a good choose.

3.aluminum substrate

 The quality of aluminum substrate influence the whole LED ceiling lamp,a better aluminum substrate will cover all the base,some time you will find the aluminum substrate only a line or a round ring,it will cased some dark area,another weakness is the mosquito will come inside the lamp when we choose a round ring aluminum substrate,for Risestar usually we choose the whole aluminum substrate,like the picture showing.

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