Classification of the lighting fixtures
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In the current GB7000.1-2007 standard, lamps and lanterns can be classified into four categories according to the type of protection against electric shock, that is, the type of class 0 luminaire, class I luminaire,class II luminaire and class Ⅲ luminaire.

Class 0 luminaire

Lamp for preventing electric shock protection based on basic insulation. This means that the easily accessible conductive parts of the luminaire, if any, are not connected to the protective wire in the fixed line of the facility.

Class I luminaire

Protection against electric shock lamps not only rely on basic insulation, but also includes additional safety measures, which protect the conductor accessible conductive parts connected to the fixed line facilities in, make accessible conductive parts in the basic insulation failure when not charged.

Class II luminaire

Protection against electric shock not only depends on the basic insulation, but also has additional security measures, such as double insulation or reinforced insulation, but there is no grounding or rely on the installation of protective measures.class Ⅲ luminaire

Class Ⅲ luminaire

The protection against electric shock depends on the power supply voltage for the safety extra low voltage (SELV), and does not produce a voltage higher than SELV. Protection against electric shock is an important indicator of the evaluation of the safety characteristics of lamps, however, the State Administration of quality supervision of the previous checks show that the protection of our country's lighting products are not eligible for a variety of substandard items in the forefront.

As can be seen from the standard definition, Class 0 luminaire lamps to provide the protection against electric shock is the lowest. In order to ensure that the Class 0 luminaire of lamps can be used safely, the current standard makes provision for how to use class 0 kinds of lamps, such as the standard 1.2.21 class 0 lamp applies only to the provisions of article 2.2 of ordinary lamps; lamps rated voltage of more than 250V should be divided into 0 class, the lamp used in harsh conditions should not be classified as 0, track mounted lamps should not be divided into 0 categories. 0 types of lamps rely on the basic insulation as an electric shock protection, the use of the environment is limited to non conductive sites. However, in the actual use of the process, one by one to identify the types of lamps, but also to identify whether the use of the environment is a non conductive environment, it is difficult for users. Based on this consideration, the new standard eliminated class 0 types of lamps.


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