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LED Ceiling Light 2D Lamp Holder E27 Series LED Bulkhead 2D Lamp Tray

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Product name: 2D-LED-15WS Category: 2D Lamp Tray
Detailed introduction

Rsiestar's retrofit replacement for the traditional 2D (DD)  saves up to 70% energy. The LED 2D lamp is manufactured with perforated printed circuit board (PCB) for improved heat dissipation. That prolongs the life span of the lamp for over 30,000 hours.

The LED 2D trays have a built in led driver and 4 pin base that is compatible with all the equivalent fittings in the market. Risestar has developed a microwave version for even higher energy savings.

The Risestars range of 2D lamps are the perfect replacements for the 4pin 9W, 15W CFL (compact fluorescent) lamps. 


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